Accelerating Sales Success


Marquardt Group is a family-owned business founded in 1925, and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of control interfaces between man and machine. Chances are you interact with their products every day, as many of the world’s best-known brands from the automotive, electronics, power tool and other industries rely on Marquardt’s expertise in interactive mechatronics (mechanics, electronics and information technology) to elevate their user experiences.

Driven by recent market changes, Marquardt has been undergoing a significant organizational transformation from a traditional, project-based selling process to a more proactive solution-based sales approach. Arming their account teams with relevant, engaging B2B sales tools was critical—and right in Zimmet Group’s sweet spot.

One of the first products we focused on was E-Lock, an easy-to-integrate locking mechanism for the growing electronic vehicle market. Our team worked with Marquardt to develop an easy-to-articulate sales story supported by a highly visual presentation.

Our sales enablement presentation contributed to a 100% market share increase for Marquardt.


The shift from reactive, RFQ-driven selling to a more proactive sales approach made it essential to arm the account team with a story that would resonate with OEM and Tier 1 manufacturing audiences.

Zimmet Group led the development of a strategic product message map, which defined the key elements to include, such as:

Star icon showing a crisp product value proposition
Icon showing target customer roles, needs and drivers
Icon showing unique product benefits, supported by proof points
E-LOCK Platform product image


Bringing the story to life with compelling, easy-to-understand visuals was the next step. Prior to our involvement, presentation content was highly technical and complex. Working within Marquardt’s master brand, we developed a look and feel for new sales pitch decks that got an immediate “wow” response.

Slide content was supported by message map-derived talk tracks to guide the account team. Role modeling was done to help each account rep understand how they could adapt their presentation delivery to different audiences and needs.


Having the story and presentation is one thing—getting it in front of the right people is another.

A coordinated effort with Marquardt’s digital team ensured that relevant messaging was pulled into their digital demand generation efforts. Following these updates, the E-Lock landing page generated 100% qualified leads for the account team, who then used our presentation and talk tracks to convert those leads to sales.

Focused lead gen content
resulted in 100% qualified leads.