Adding to the Menu


Clinical labs and blood banks that purchase an Ortho Clinical Diagnostics analyzer get the most out of their investment by consolidating more of their full menu of tests, or assays, onto that one instrument. Many labs have other competing analyzers or specialty instruments in operation and may be reluctant to move away from them. So, Ortho’s Account Managers and Lab Specialists have to educate them about the clinical, workflow, and cost benefits of migrating more assays to their Ortho analyzer.

Ortho recognized that a key component of their growth and customer retention strategy involved menu expansion—showing customers the benefits of adding a series of clinically important assays to their menu. But their product training was overly technical, too long, and not properly targeted at the intended audience.

Zimmet Group reimagined their product training based on what the audience needs to successfully perform their jobs—not on providing exhaustive technical detail. The end result? More satisfied learners, more retention and application of information, and more converted sales opportunities.

The design we established has become adopted as a model for Ortho technical eLearning.


The main goal of this training series was to enable Ortho’s representatives to have a conversation about the clinical benefits of key assays. Zimmet Group identified the important topics to cover in these conversations and built a consistent course structure around that. A navigation menu, common to all courses in the series, reinforced this conversation structure.

Ortho Immunoassay eLearning screen on tablet

This structure helped sales teams focus on the details that matter most: the assay’s value proposition, their competitive advantages, and objection handling techniques.

Beyond this course structure, we also kept learners engaged with relevant interactivity, challenging practice opportunities, and a conversational, familiar tone.


With the eLearning in place, Zimmet Group then developed a one-day skill-builder workshop designed for either in-person or virtual delivery. We built a competitive quiz show–style game to test participants’ knowledge of the key assays, as well as collaborative role-play challenges to help people put their conversational selling techniques into action.

Name that Assay game screen shown on projector screen
Two women performing an in-class role-play

“Another great tool and resource for the organization—really kept the engagement high and the attention level high.”