Skills Up, Perception Up


Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is well-known in the in vitro diagnostics industry for its unique technical capabilities. Visit a hospital or clinic for a blood or body chemistry test or donate to a blood bank, and there’s a good chance that their lab will use an Ortho analyzer to process the blood work.

Ortho recognized that significant market growth would be earned by balancing technical acumen with superior service. Zimmet Group knew how to help them get there. Through an in-depth global analysis of the key behaviors of their most high-touch, customer-facing roles, we recommended job-specific training strategies that yielded results.

Ortho is now ranked as the #1 OEM for overall service performance in the U.S.*

*IMV, Ltd., ServiceTrakTM survey of professionals from more than 1,250 hospitals


Our efforts began with an inspiring series of meetings with exemplary professionals in each role. Through a series of phone interviews, face-to-face sit-downs, and shadowing ride-alongs, we distilled the essence of what it takes to be the best of the best.

We spoke and visited with people in every corner of the globe, which helped us (and Ortho) pinpoint regional inconsistencies and share best practices across geographical boundaries.

Analyzing our audience, from New York to Strasbourg to Singapore

We identified a matrix of critical on-the-job behaviors for all four roles—the behaviors that everyone in those roles should emulate. We then mapped these behaviors against Ortho’s established competency model, validating the model and recommending necessary changes.


With the desired end goal identified, we prescribed the path to get there. We defined multimodal learning paths for all four roles. These training plans addressed customer-related, business-related, and technical training needs—building on strengths and bolstering areas of need.

Because of our thorough research and thoughtful analysis, Ortho and Zimmet Group are confident that any learning initiative we partner on is in pursuit of a validated behavioral need.

That partnership has resulted in a series of successful training programs, delivered and deployed by Zimmet Group. Whether it’s highly immersive eLearning experiences, engaging behavior modeling videos, challenging in-person events, or interactive performance support guides, we create the right solution for the job.

And, Ortho’s customers are noticing the change.

Customer satisfaction rankings for Ortho Field Engineers have consistently been #1 since the program was rolled out.

Ortho has also received a Stevie Award for Top Performance in Customer Service and was given the Services Excellence Award from the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India.

The improvement opportunities and training initiatives developed by Zimmet Group have been a key component of this success.