An iGen 5 World


The Xerox® iGen 5® is a digital color production press that offers a 5th color—orange, green, or blue—to extend the press’s base four-color gamut and match more brand colors accurately. This capability lets printers deliver demanding short run, short turnaround work profitably.

Zimmet Group recognized the addition of the 5th color as an opportunity to take Xerox’s traditional launch marketing approach to a new level. Our program created sales-driving buzz for the new press and gave global channels the tools they needed to convert that buzz to deals.

Sales targets were overachieved
by 200% in the first six months.


Our efforts began with a series of focus groups with high-performing reps. The insights gained crafted our strategy. Each element of the campaign was designed to actively demonstrate the capabilities of this new press, engaging audiences with tangible proof of the iGen 5 Press’s competitive advantages at every turn.


All print materials were designed for production on an iGen 5, utilizing both the 5th color capability and dynamic personalization to drive home the benefit of this digital print platform.

An oversize printed collateral wrapper provides reps with an engaging sales tool to use in most customer discussions. The wrapper uses a spot orange, demonstrating the 5th color capability, along with the iGen 5 Press’s large sheet size. Additional collateral may be inserted to support specific prospect needs.

Xerox iGen5 product brochure on desk

A personalized version of the wrapper adds even more value. Reps can enter a customer’s information via an online portal and choose from different content based on business type and objectives. A finished, printed version is delivered to the address they specify. 

XMPIE portal screen showing brochure customization
XMPIE portal screen showing brochure customization

An interactive collateral uses animation and video to support prospective customer research online. Our content was also leveraged in blogs and other social channels, creating additional reach and industry engagement.

Image of phone screens showcasing the Xerox iGen5 brochure content in blogs and other social channels

A Gamut Extension Tool provides an easy-to-use proof source for the spot color match capability. The tool was deployed on, enabling a broader, more cost-effective way to prove successes when compared with test-printing thousands of individual customer jobs.

The Gamut Extension Tool reduced non-essential file tests, shortening sales cycles by 8% on average.

The marketing tools and tactics were all supported by an internal campaign and social training experience for the worldwide iGen 5 sales force that conveyed the use and purpose behind each tool.


American Marketing Association – Pinnacle Award Winner for Online Marketing