Relevance of a Contact


Business events are high-value opportunities to nurture new contacts. When done well, the experiences before, during, and after events help convert well-qualified contacts into future customers. While CISCO’s field reps were hosting a number of events, some process and skill gaps prevented them from being as valuable as they could be.

With a functional program in place to address the identified gaps, CISCO needed help fostering rep buy-in. Zimmet Group created an internal awareness campaign that illustrated the value of each contact, bringing the potential of field events to life in a fun, highly relevant way.

The internal campaign set the stage for valuable engagement and behavior change.


We began with an engaging, scenario-based animation that illustrates the value each contact can have, along with the sales potential that comes with modifying current field event processes.

The animation communicates, at a high level, where contacts come from, the value of proper engagement, and how thorough qualification can nurture prospects into sales-qualified leads.