A World of Opportunity


Xerox is a long-standing leader in innovative digital printing technology. From desktop printers to office multi-function devices to large-scale production printing presses, they have unparalleled expertise in creating the technology and experiences that allow their users to create stunning communications, simply.

The Xerox global sales channels excel in selling their devices. Recently, however, the organization has shifted more of its strategic focus to selling the services around those devices—the vision and support that Xerox’s digitization experts can offer a client to optimize their print environment, workflow, and security for the future.

Xerox wanted to elevate their sales force’s service-selling skills to the same level of excellence that they have with selling devices. With huge new market opportunities identified and a new plan to refocus and relaunch the services, sales reps and distributors needed an inspiring training program that would help them tell their story to clients.

Zimmet Group seized this challenge, recognizing that sales reps needed a groundbreaking training approach to help them capitalize on the opportunities that lay before them. This was no place for typical facts-and-figures training. Instead, Zimmet Group built a learning sandbox for Xerox—a virtual city in which reps could analyze real business challenges, “talk” to decision makers, and learn how to position Xerox® Services in terms of the business outcomes they could help clients achieve.

Sales reps are hitting the virtual streets of “Opportunity City,” learning the ins and outs of their new offering—and having fun doing it!

Course navigation map, representing the interactive Opportunity City, in the Xerox Services course.


The new Xerox® Services offering is built around a series of themed service packages that allows clients’ businesses to strike an optimal balance between print and digital. These “horizontal” services can benefit businesses in any industry if they are struggling to manage traditionally paper-based processes such as records retention, invoice capture and processing, print marketing campaigns, or data and document security.

Even though any industry could benefit from these horizontal services, Xerox was asking its sales force to focus primarily on four key market verticals where they had both a track record of proven success and a compelling, holistic approach to digital transformation.

Zimmet Group conceived an interactive experience that let learners explore the ways in which these horizontals and verticals intersect. Within Opportunity City, learners are free to engage with four different businesses—one from each key market vertical—in any order they choose. As they interact with the business environment and speak with the company’s employees, they discover vital information about the client’s pain points and needs.

Learners play a character known as The Disruptor. Their mission: to disrupt (in a positive way!) the status quo at each client location and show them how Xerox Services can digitally transform their operation.

Before they begin their sales mission, and at any time throughout the course, learners can visit “Disruptor Headquarters” to flip through client research dossiers, brush up on the details of their horizontal offerings, and read tips for productive sales conversations.

Xerox iGen5 product brochure on desk


Each of the four business exploration sections culminates in a sales conversation with the primary decision maker. The decision maker asks a series of questions; through their answers, the learner must demonstrate an understanding of the client’s business needs, prescribe the ideal combination of Xerox Services that would meet them, and convince the decision maker of the benefits that Xerox can help them realize.

XMPIE portal screen showing brochure customization

The decision maker’s feedback changes dynamically based on the learner’s choices. Once the learner has successfully navigated the entire conversation, they earn an in-course badge for transforming that market vertical. Earned badges are stored in a trophy cabinet back at HQ.

Image of phone screens showcasing the Xerox iGen5 brochure content in blogs and other social channels


Zimmet Group took the thematic experience even further by gamifying the course assessment. Once The Disruptor has transformed all the businesses in the city, a new location unlocks. Within this location, the learner finds a locked vault.

The learner’s Final Challenge is to correctly answer assessment questions to turn the lights above the vault green. Once all lights are green, the vault unlocks and the final in-course trophy is revealed.

“We didn’t know eLearning could be like this!”

“Thank you for the hard work, commitment, focus, and patience. We asked for the ‘Zimmet factor’—and we got it!”